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Name: Moto X3M 3

Description: Moto X3M 3 is definitely the most adventurous and the most extreme Motorcycles games you have ever played because this motocross rider wants to taste some real adrenaline so he is aware about what could happen to him but he still agrees all the mission and dangers from this adventure and skills game for adrenaline sake! Your mission will be to use the arrow keys in order to accelerate and then to switch the directions from left to right and this way and to break when you think it is necessary in order to do not get killed. There will be so many levels so try them all, in some awesome and exotic places, but full of dangers which you must figure out how to get over or through them, dangers like some huge chainsaws, which will be permanelty rolling and rolling over and over again, some falling rocks or pieces of steel which will drag you at the bottom of the deep water in this awesome game so you will get drawned in a couple of seconds and this kind of dangers. Good luck for the last time and show off your talents, skills and aptitudes and prove that you really have the necessary guts for this game to get accomplished successfully. Good luck for the last time!

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Use the arrow keys

Name: Moto X3M 3

Category: Motorcycle Games

Date added: 11.09.2016

Played 4351 times.

Moto X3M 3

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Moto X3M 3 - Walkthrough

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Why do you need to know are you a creep
It to laggy and it won't let me go in so that so unfair 😔 I'm so sad who ever made this game sucks I would rate this game 2 how am I post know it wont let me in and I do not like this game

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