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Jetcats Spinball

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Name: Jetcats Spinball

Description: One of the most difficult basketball games, this incredible jetcats challenge offers to you the occasion to use the arrow keys in order to control the cats who've got some jetpacks on their back, in order to place the basketball in the basket in the shortest time possible. Make sure that you will pick a friend of yours and then play against each other, one of you using the arrow keys and the other one using W, S, D and A keys to control your jetcats. The baskets are placed in the two different sides of the gaming pitch so let's start playing basketball, chasing the flurry cat which is actually a boucing ball. Let's get to the work right now, before there will be too late and using for example the left arrow, will only activate the left wing of the jetpack so make sure that you will find the perfect balance. Good luck in this incredible and so awesome spinball challenge and the one who score more point in an amount of time, wins! Try to place the basketball in the basket with so much accuracy and do not forget that it is so important for you to be so accurate in this fantastic challenge!

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Use the arrow keys, S, D, A, W keys

Name: Jetcats Spinball

Category: Basketball Games

Date added: 13.02.2017

Played 2247 times.

Jetcats Spinball

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Jetcats Spinball - Walkthrough

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