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Ace Gangster 2

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Name: Ace Gangster 2

Description: Ace Gangster 2 is the second version of Ace Gangster, such a great car and action game, which offers to you the occasion to use the arrow keys in order either to escape the garage of this taxi owner or to drive all around the city, in order to grab some people in your cab and deliver them in the right spot at the right time. Being member in a great mafia, you are always armed to your teeth and right now, you've just received such a special task, to help this Taxi Company owner to get cleaned, get away from the big dirt he is in at the moment, because his company barely works and it's almost dead. He needs desperately your help so let's get to the work right now, but not before talking to him in his garage. There, he's gonna tell you that he must sell his all cars because the faliment is here so do something now! Go there with a cab and get people where they want to reach, breaking the rules, crashing onto the police cars and of ocurse, shooting cops who are chasing you. Flee from police and never get caught, deliver the guy at the destination required by him and get the money. You'll share the money with your boss 50-50 at the end of each race, of course, if you manage to survive!

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Use the arrow keys

Name: Ace Gangster 2

Category: Action Games

Date added: 22.04.2017

Played 14187 times.

Ace Gangster 2

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Ace Gangster 2 - Walkthrough

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