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Dirtbike Apocalypse

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Name: Dirtbike Apocalypse

Description: This rider is such a crazy one and that's why he loves to ride so dirty! In the following adventure, you have the occasion to use the arrow keys in order to ride with this crazy adventurer in this post apocalyptic world, where everything is about shooting and killing the other monsters, zombies and different crawling creatures, all of them meant to destroy your rider, but they definitely won't do it soon. Let's start with picking up the right features for your motorcycle firstly and then, start the race in no time. There are so many hills because the roads have been destroyed and you have to deal with your 4x4 bike. Jump over so many obstacles and make sure that you will do the right stunts, all of them necessary for extra points for you and extra bonuses. Get to the work in the following task and become a real master in riding and killing! Shoot them using the SPACE bar and catch and collect the fuel packs in order to refill your bike because it is so forced and it requires so much gas. Shoot big monsters for big kills and even aim their heads to headshots, pointed with extra points! Good luck and never stop your race! If you turn with your upside down with the bike, you are dead because it will blast!

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Use the arrow keys, SPACE bar

Name: Dirtbike Apocalypse

Category: Motorcycle Games

Date added: 25.04.2017

Played 2297 times.

Dirtbike Apocalypse

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Dirtbike Apocalypse - Walkthrough

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