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Bob The Robber

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Name: Bob The Robber

Description: Hello guys and I guess you are looking forward finding which is the greatest game for today, published on our amazing and so cool gaming site so let's find out together right now! The story which you are just going to approach, is about Bob, a professional robber, whose main goal is to steal, especially money but precious stuff too, from that kind of warehouse or whatever it is. For certain, it is so well protected and there is almost no chance for our hero Bob, to steal everything we can, due to fact that there are not only robot guards, but also some visual cameras, which even detect heat not only movement so if you get caught on camera, you are done and you've instantly lost. Let's get to the work right now, before there will be too late and make sure that you will successfully rob that place, for money and everything, dodging the camera's objective and of course, facing the guards robots, which are able to kill you from a single shot. Let's make it happen right now and do not forget that it is so important for you to use the arrow keys to move and W and A keys in order to interact with different things, for making sure that you will rob successfully that house. Now that you know all these, let's start getting through each level, getting through each floor too, climbing on ladders!

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Use the arrow keys, W, A keys

Name: Bob The Robber

Category: Adventure Games

Date added: 30.04.2017

Played 5366 times.

Bob The Robber

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Bob The Robber - Walkthrough

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