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2 Player Hangman

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Name: 2 Player Hangman

Description: 2 Player Hangman is the newest game in the 2 Player Games category. This time, in this new game you will play using your mouse. The game begins with when you have to choose if you play single or in 2 players and you have to choose between this two choices. After you have chosen the way you want to play, another choice that you have to make is the mode of game you want to play, the Classic one where you have to guess the words and where you have more chances or the Russian mode where the difficulty of the game increase a little bit or you can try all modes because bought are awesome. In the Classic mode, the words are much longer than in the Russian where you do not have much chances and the words are a little bit smaller. Another difference between the two modes is the man, in the Classic mode the man can die in two ways, eaten by the shark because you tried to many times or being hanged and in the Russian mode the man can die being shoot by himself in head after some bad attempts. The cool thing in 2 player is that one player chooses the word for the other one person and this thing makes this game funnier. Good luck and have fun!

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Use the mouse

Name: 2 Player Hangman

Category: 2 Player Games

Date added: 09.06.2017

Played 6489 times.

2 Player Hangman

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2 Player Hangman - Walkthrough

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seng nggawe moro omahku ,tak jaki gelut !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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