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Test Your Love

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Name: Test Your Love

Description: Test Your Love is such a great love meter and calculator, this time with a special feature, beside the other ones in the previous challenge. Once clicked on the Play button, you have to pick up the name of your crush and write it down, but not before writting down your own name. It is so important to spot the right place to write your name and the name of your lover and crush, and after this, click on the check button, to check out the result and the chances you've got with the respective person. The result will be given to you exactly like the other ones, as a percentage. Judging by that percentage, you'll find out the reaction, a piece of advice and you'll figure if it's worth the effort for that relationship. The reaction is a face of different actors from all over the world and they are so expressive and they are selecting judging by the percentage obtained by you. This is the new feature, so enjoy it. Also, your love is going to be described in a couple of wise words, which are exactly the representative ones for your love. Good luck and start this challenge as soon as it is possible!

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Name: Test Your Love

Category: Love Test Games

Date added: 25.05.2017

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Test Your Love

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Love it Amazing Go game
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hezekiah era lirazan
yes!! it beacuse i know who my crush and i know who my hates

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