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Capri Sun: Sun Surfer

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Name: Capri Sun: Sun Surfer

Description: Capri Sun: Sun Surfer is an extremely interesting, yet very simplistic game. The purpose and the game itself are very simple. As a plum who surfs in the sea you will have to collect as many Capri Sun boxes as you can. Just use the mouse when you want to jump. Why jump you ask? Well, the Capri Sun boxes are in the air and you are on the water. Therefore you must reach them somehow. Tap wherever on the screen to jump. Double click to double jump. You also have enemies who who must avoid. For example, you must avoid the pelicans, the octopus and the little fish in the sea. If you encounter on of these creatures, avoid them at any cost. If the touch you, you lose a life. You have three lives. When the last life is lost, you lose the game. That's also where the game ends. That's because the game has no actual finish. You just play for score. The longer you go and collecting as many capri sun boxes you get a higher score. The game gets harder by time so you won't be able to go forever. But you have to try and prove your skill in order to get on the highest places with the highest scores.

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Use the MOUSE

Name: Capri Sun: Sun Surfer

Category: Ability Games

Date added: 09.10.2017

Played 963 times.

Capri Sun: Sun Surfer

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Capri Sun: Sun Surfer - Walkthrough

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