Garfield Scary Scavenger

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What is Garfield Scary Scavenger?


Garfield Scary Scavenger is an interesting game with our favorite cat that will test your ability to notice details and detective skills. The goal is to discover the mystery of the castle. You have to help him in his mission on Garfield to find their owners. Although it seems an easy job, do not rush to judgment, because the game is quite difficult, and as you progress you will encounter obstacles that will give you headaches. Using the mouse must move through the castle and its surroundings and search for clues. You must pay attention to all details and stop object that would be helpful. On the left you have a list of things you need to find. You can interact with people you meet as it will provide useful information that will help in the mission. Be on the lookout for Garfield help solve the mystery of the castle. Give us a like if you enjoyed our game of skill with Garfield as a detective.


Garfield Scary Scavenger


use the arrows to control Garfield.



6666 in 05.02.2020 13:59

it would help if it could even show the game!!!!!!

Poop in 27.01.2020 00:08

Love it

juh in 28.12.2019 21:32

love this game

Ivano in 23.12.2019 20:51

Jako dobro

Nevaeh in 18.11.2019 05:20


ddffdoddșduggigttttttttșgffgfgfșofgșhra/sefdmgmknngkmnknț in 26.10.2019 18:35

plz game

shadow link in 01.10.2019 03:23

awesome my bro saed that

shadow link in 01.10.2019 03:22

suck my dick

Fuad in 07.07.2019 14:54


tainara in 18.06.2019 00:03


thainara in 18.06.2019 00:03

da silva

wendy in 09.06.2019 03:12

kwana ching chung

Any in 26.04.2019 19:18

I would like to play ...?

victoria in 20.11.2018 00:00

is cool

Rita in 30.09.2018 00:00

I loved see this game I love an adventure

JIRAH NEWTON in 18.07.2018 00:00

the game is so fun to me and i cant wait to play again

christine calapod in 24.06.2018 00:00

i love garfield

Brandon Jones in 19.04.2018 00:00

I 💙 this 🎮

Brandon Jones in 19.04.2018 00:00

I 💙this🎮

kitty cat in 30.03.2018 00:00


zeynab in 03.03.2018 00:00

join to game

kitty seno in 16.09.2017 00:00 ALL READY

angel in 20.08.2017 00:00

i like the haunted house

BAILEY in 06.08.2017 00:00

This game will not load!!

BAILEY in 06.08.2017 00:00


Bailey Smith in 06.08.2017 00:00

I love you!!!!!

sanyat in 30.07.2017 00:00

its nice

finohara in 03.07.2017 00:00


raina in 22.06.2017 00:00

lagi belajar

Arizona in 25.05.2017 00:00

I love this game so much but it won't load at all

ARIZONA123 in 25.05.2017 00:00

I love this game but won't just load

Arizona in 25.05.2017 00:00

Yeah I agree this game just won't load I wish it did because I love this game so much.

Amber in 15.04.2017 00:00

i am with you Dale it just won't load

Amber in 15.04.2017 00:00

this game will not load so stupid i hope put it back on there website i love this game but it just won't LOAD.

Dale in 05.03.2017 00:00

It's not loading...why?

rio in 21.12.2016 00:00

cukimay..susah skli

Poopoo in 05.12.2016 00:00


Madisen in 16.11.2016 00:00

I love this game

ilia in 29.10.2016 00:00


Prince in 22.09.2016 00:00

abc game

Angelica in 29.07.2016 00:00

i dont like the game.......... I LOVE IT!! and Omg it was soo fun

Thayssa in 10.04.2016 00:00

é bom maa nao consigo achar a chave vermelha nem o bolinho

Daniela in 25.03.2016 00:00

This game soooooooo fun and very fantastic! I like Garfeld!!!

Marcus in 14.03.2016 00:00

This game is sooooooooo fun

Kamila in 27.02.2016 00:00

cześć jestem nowa

duru in 26.12.2015 00:00

Ä° like the game .


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