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Name: TU-46

Description: Maybe your are familiarized with these kind of games from our last game this kind, named TU-95 and if you have played those awesome game, surely you are gonna figure out how to play this one too, and I'm also sure that you are gonna have no problem with playing this awesome older version of TU-95. Firstly you have to know that you are gonna pilot a real aircraft, a huge spatial ship designed as an airplane in order to transport people with it in some safe conditions. If you wanna start piloting this awkward plane you have to get familiarized with its controls which are the following ones: E, F, G, I, P, Z, M, SPACE BAR and arrows. I know that there are so many controls to remember but only start the game and the skills are gonna come themselves to you! Transport people safely in 6 different countries from the world and become the best in this spatial ship industry by piloting this aircraft just as a professional pilot. Piloting this airplane, you are gonna travel back in time in 1970.

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Use the arrows and E, F, G, I, P, Z, M, SPACE BAR

Name: TU-46

Category: Airplane Games

Date added: 26.11.2015

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TU-46 - Walkthrough

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Im tired of this game soon we will make more
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my game wont work
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