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Name: Combine Madness

Description: Combine's power is very high, you need to pay attention to the new machine harvester harvester that you have to drive carefully just in chain wheat and any other kind of grain where you have to go to harvest the farm farmers who dealing with gardening, planting, cultivating and reaping various dry cereals like wheat, barley, oats, maize so so harvesting speed increase as much. Be careful whenever you go through such games, is trying to prove that you're liable to gain increasingly more points for the work that you put sweat with all the other people that are having pen to help view timely harvesting dry grain cereals should not be so wet, it does not rain because their moisture content will increase, and storage over the winter regardless of the method will aggravate the situation and rancidity, self-heating will occur from day to day and vorm remain without cereal, no harvest.

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use the arrows to drive this harvester as fast as you can.

Name: Combine Madness

Category: Combine Harvester Games

Date added: 20.11.2014

Played 12262 times.

Combine Madness

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Combine Madness - Walkthrough

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