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Monster High is an American model doll created by Mattel and released in July 2010 series Monster High dolls are inspired by horror movies from thrillers and sci-fi films, they are so different from the rest of the dolls created by Mattel fetilele that all they want. Monster High games, includes besides these dolls, many consumer products such as stationery, key chains, various toys and bags. Besides all these products can be traced Monster High characters in the animated series of the same name, and now we find them in our games from Monster High Games were created for fans to have these weird dolls pleasure to know them better and to spend time with them, playing many games on website provides to all jucatorilor.Scriitoarea Lisi Harrison is the author of the book called Monster high characters are compared to the greatest of all time monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy and the Phantom of the opera.Papusile have 27 inches, each color has different, some with skin blue, green, pink or other colors, others have wolf ears, fins, fangs and other characteristics of a monster. Although there are dolls monster they have every style and personality, distinguished alta.Fiecare one doll has her unique accessory such as a pet, a bag, a journal or portomenee. For these dolls were a huge success and all the girls they buy rival company Mattel, MGA Entertainment has created a series of dolls called witches Bratzillazz and are reproduced by Bratz dolls, MGA dolls created everything. Our horror dolls each have a name, one stranger than the other, the former being Frankie Stein. She is the daughter of Frankenstein's monster Frankenstein's wife, has black hair and show changes in white and has eyes of different colors, which is called heterochromia disease. Her body is full of stitches and the neck bolts is being considered the new vampire school. Is eager to make new friends, less awkward, generous and very amabila.Urmatoarea doll story is Claudween Wolf, daughter of a werewolf and has an older brother named Clawd Wolf, a younger sister Howleen Wolf and an older sister Clawdia named Wolf.O another appearance is Draculara, as it is still vegetarian vampire and did not even bear the word "blood". This was adopted by Dracula and his girlfriend Clawd Wolf, the brother of my best friend ei.Are a pet named Count fables, her skin is pink and has a heart tattooed on obraz.Un another character is Cleo Nile, aged 5842 years, is the daughter of Mummy Ramses Nile and has an older sister named Nefer three years. Does a snake as a pet, venomous, called Hissette.Deuce Gorgon, another character is 16 years old and is the son of Medusa, the two people with the ability to trasnforma stone. Wear sunglasses to avoid hardening and wear green snakes cap.Este skateboarding enthusiast and likes to cook, but keep secret the lucru.Lagoona Blue, is 15 years old and is the daughter of the creature from the blue lagoon, Lagoona has the power to also talk with pet owners to apa.De is a vampire friendly sports is a pet piranha named Neptuna.Ghoulia Yelp is called the smartest vampire of school, but she does not speak the language than zombies, which consists of screams and groans. Abbey Bominable is the daughter of the Yeti, and its original language is Yetish. Speak with a Russian accent, has light blue skin, fangs and hair bluish white and pink. Spectra Vondergeist, the daughter of a ghost, has purple hair, purple iris's and pupils black. Spectra can go through ziduri.Aceste characters who are also waiting in Monster High, we hope to please tutr players. For a different kind of adventure and a different high school and enter the world of Monster High playing with your favorite characters. Also, if you and other Monster High Games do not hesitate to join

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